Monday, June 02, 2008

FriendFeed picking up at Twitter's expense?

I've seen several messages flow today on Twitter that people don't tweet that often because they are on Friendfeed instead...

I recently installed Twhirl and it's great that the most recent version supports both Twitter and FriendFeed. I tried Alert Thingy, and it was terrible on the Mac. Twhirl on the other hand worked a lot better.

Talking of Friendfeed, it is a much more open version of the Facebook news feed. Facebook has clamped down quite a bit on what shows up in the news feed. In fact I hardly see any updates from apps in the news feed any more. All I see are updates from Facebook and its own applications (Photos, Wall, Video, Posted Items).

If feeds are here to stay, Friendfeed and its api can become powerful developer tools for growing web applications.

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