Monday, December 14, 2009

Go check out Rocket Singh

If you've ever been an entrepreneur, there are so many things you'll find endearing in this movie. Being a salesman is the foremost thing an entrepreneur has to learn -- being able to sell, and sell effectively, is probably most critical to a company's success.

But salesmanship isn't the only thing that's needed -- you have to be able to deliver. Make your customers happy, and they will make you successful.

Rocket Singh delivers well. Go check it out.


rmathew said...

It's one of the better Hindi films
to have come out this year for
sure. Ranbir Kapoor also seems
to be a better actor than many
of the star kids shoved down our
throats by the industry.

*** SPOILERS ***

Some of the things about the film
were a little weird though. For
example, they don't show what
finally happened with that order
for 30 PCs that they had to deliver
within the week and for which they
struggled so much. As another
example, they wanted to be all
ethical and good but had no qualms
about using their employer's
resources for doing their business
(and then trying to cover it
by saying that they'll pay him
later based on usage).

Anyway, I also found it
weird that the cubicle next to
the hero had a Tandy poster, which was visible in
quite a few scenes throughout the

John Fan said...

This was an awesome film -- I stumbled across it on Netflix and really enjoyed this workplace drama! It ranks right up there with Office Space. :)