Tuesday, August 14, 2007


It has been a gruelling time, trying to get Jambool to the next stage. The best advice I ever got for my startup was to find a co-founder. And Reza's the best. Those who knew us at Amazon probably remember our April fool emails and announcements.

The best part of working with someone you enjoy working with is that however hard your job is, in the end it's heck of a lot of fun.

Jambool's Alexa rank is on the rise. It's moved to within the top 150K for the last two weeks' averages. 3 months is still low, but we'll get there!

I saw Bourne Ultimatum -- and I think the second one was better, though people claim this one tops that. What the movie did interestingly was to quietly spoof the deeds of the current administration -- from wiretapping and refusing to answer to reason and so on -- but did so without making it too farcical.

I saw another movie called "Once" -- an Irish movie with good soul and music (pun unintended). Recommended when you can find it. It's playing in a few art house theaters in San Francisco these days.

P.S. I just happened to press "Ctrl-E" when editing this blog. And it worked. Blogger editor support Emacs keys? Or maybe it is Safari? Something feels better in this world already. The geek in me awakens. :-)


Amigos said...

i haven't seen Bourne Ultimatum but which one is the second one.
Last week i saw Transformers, got a very good rating at IMDB but i didn't liked it at all.

Vikas said...

Bourne Supremacy is the second one.