Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ocean's thirteen -- a joke I felt 'in' with...

All successful movies tend to become franchises of sort these days. Those involved milk it repeatedly for what it's worth. Whether it's the Pirates, the Shrek or the Ocean's teens. Back in India, movie makers are picking up on it as well -- Dhoom, Don, Koi Mil Gaya, Hera Pheri have all had or are going to have sequels.

Ocean's eleven was entertaining. Ocean's twelve kept true to its entertainment value. With Ocean's thirteen, the movie makers seem to have got rid of any pretense they may have had about making a movie. It just seems like a bunch of friends having a good time, and expecting you'll just follow along. Every other line is some sort of an inside joke that you feel left out of.

Except there was this one time, where someone walks up to Pacino in the party, and congratulates him on "the enormity of his success!" Aha! (See previous post) I think I was the only one who laughed at this one. Oh well.

Anyway -- I haven't posted for a while, and this was a good excuse to break the hiatus. Jambool is keeping me busy... but now that our beta is live, I hope to get time to do some other things once in a while too. :)

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Umang said...

Aaha! I laughed at it too. :D
(thanks to your post there)