Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On this and that..

There's a lot going on right now -- Jambool is getting ready for the next major release. So there's little time for anything else for me right now.

That said, I couldn't stay away from "Grindhouse" and the "The Host." Grindhouse is by Tarantino and Rodriguez, and it's everything you'd want from them. Rodriguez delivers it much better than Tarantino though, I think. If zombies and gore and yuck is your thing, this movie delivers. It's a send up on umpteen B-movies from the 70s, and Rodriguez executes on the idea simply brilliantly. For me, it was a laugh riot.

"The Host" is new movie by the director of "Barking dogs never bite." The dogs movie has been one of the best movies from South Korea, and "The Host" is an excellent follow up. It's a film that doesn't try to fit into any genre, and embraces humor and irony where you'd least expect.

Jumping topics... I upgraded to Firefox 2.0 recently on my Mac, and it is ridiculously slower than 1.5. So much so that I've often switched to using Safari or the older install of Firefox.

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