Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Last week was pretty significant. For me, i.e.

Last week I incorporated my company -- Jambool, Inc.

It's one of the many small steps before I can start taking any step I can call big. What is Jambool about? It's about users, and trying to figure out how to help me, the user, make sense of the spread of content online. Vague enough, eh?


Umang said...

Super! Good luck and god speed.

rmathew said...

Good luck with this venture.

You should read Guy Kawasaki's blog (if you don't already) for lots of hopefully useful insights. I guess you have already read Paul Graham's essays.

Vikas said...

Thanks Umang, Ranjit.

Yeah I've read both the guys off and on. Thanks for pointing me to them.